SEEN FROM THE HILL : Letter to the Editors of the Boston Globe

1 Dearborn School

Dear Editors :

(Editor’s Note : the 100-year old Dearborn School building has been the subject of heated debate between some residents of Dudley Street East and the Boston School Building Authority, which asserts that the building is too far gone to be renovated except at an unacceptable cost. The City wants a new, much bigger building to serve its expansion of the Dearborn into a STEM Academy.)

Demolition of the Dearborn Middle School in Roxbury is the litmus test for the tale of two cities (“Preserve busing-era landmark,” Editorials, November 4). Preservation isn’t just about buildings and spaces. It’s about the people that bring those buildings and spaces to life !

I started high school when busing in Boston began. The tale of two cities and two school systems was clearly evident and ugly ! Fast forward to today, and the most recent school assignment plan and lack of addressing school quality are sober reminders that our busing wounds have yet to heal.

Demolishing the Dearborn building affirms that we’d rather forget than atone for a segregated and unequal school system that is worse off now than when busing was ordered in the 70s.

Neighborhood pride from all walks of life in the Highland Park/Fort Hill section of Roxbury and beyond celebrate the recent restoration of the Fort Hill Tower, whose history is steeped in the Revolutionary War. If we are one city, why isn’t the struggle for educational parity equally as important as the struggle for independence?

— Rodney Singleton / SEEN FROM THE HILL

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