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There is a new Roxbury unfolding in the bosom of the old Roxbury; before our eyes it is blossoming. We see it, and we welcome it.

This story is the stream upon which our new online journal sails. Roxbury Here is exactly what our name says : the voice of Roxbury spoken, written, argued, and opined direct from the hills of Roxbury; from our college; from our restaurants and real estate officers; from our schools and churches; from our immigrant communities; and from our residents both long-time and new, diverse and more so every day.

From Mission Hill to Mount Pleasant, from Fort Hill to Humboldt/Townsend, from Lower Roxbury to Shirley Street and the Prairie, we are many, many Roxburys all for one community conversation.

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Roxbury Here also sees the City of Boston as a whole, as City hall administers it and develops it. We embrace the politics of neighborhood and City, of the state and Federal Government, too, when these affect us. We will not settle only for being affected. We demand to affect ourselves as well !

So say our columnists and our reporters, whose work we urge you to read regularly.

One word more, of caution as well as innovation. The new Roxbury cannot be allowed just to push out the old. the arts projects, restaurants, innovation businesses, bureaucracies coming into Roxbury must welcome into their work and social connection those who already live in Roxbury’s many corners. Too finally has the South End, the neighborhood immediately to our north, and whence many new Roxbury-ites come, transformed entirely to expensive living. We must see to it that Roxbury life stays as income diverse as the lifestyles and origins of its people.

Isn’t this diversity of income, fashions, skin colors, and faiths exactly what makes Roxbury so intellectually and culturally vital right now ? It’s a Roxbury worth fighting to maintain — to develop on our own lines, not the plans of others upon us.

We pledge to you, our readers, that Roxbury Here will be the voice of diversity reform and of innovation in many directions. There is no turning back now. The time is at hand to put a voice to the soul of the Roxbury community moving forward.

—- the Editors and Staff of Roxbury Here

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